The New Suez Canal

Suez Canal - flicker.comIn the summer of 2015, the New Suez Canal was inaugurated. With the expansion of the Canal, more vessels can pass through, and two-way traffic on parts of the passage has become possible.

According to Jacob Guldager, Director Operations & Branch Manager for Leth Agencies in Denmark, the project is a positive signal from the Egyptian government, which has shown a new willingness to make investments and attract international business to the country.

“Perhaps the most important aspect of the project is the positive effect it will have on the self-perception of the Egyptians”, says Guldager, who recently participated in the first ever Suez Canal Global Conference. “In practical terms, I see the construction as an important first step in a long process”. Among other promising initiatives, he mentions the attempts to make the passage of the canal into a ‘one-stop shop’, where ships can make repairs, change crews, receive supplies, etc.

Guardian works together with Leth Agencies in providing best-in-class solutions to companies operating in or around the Suez Canal, as well as the wider region. We have a long track record of delivering high-end services to the discerning client.

Upon the opening of the New Suez Canal in August last year, Guldager discussed transit times and vessel capacity on LinkedIn.