SOS International and Guardian in strategic partnership

Earlier this year, Guardian entered into a strategic partnership with the Nordic travel assistance company, SOS International. The collaboration means that we can now offer a single point of contact for all types of assistance services, from medical assistance to management of security crises all over the world.

The world is in constant change, and companies operating abroad are exposed to new and unfamiliar security risks. At the same time, it has grown harder to differentiate between secure and insecure travel destinations for employees, and this places greater demands on employers’ involvement in their personal safety.

Duty of care

Unfortunately, many Nordic companies are often inadequately prepared for the security risks that arise when they send their employees abroad, whether on only short business trips or long-term secondments.

Duty of Care refers to the legal, ethical and moral responsibility of companies and organisations to maintain employee safety and well-being for their employees and their next of kin.

If you are curious about duty of care, you should read the article series published by Guardian last year.

Single point of contact

Together with SOS International, we offer a single point of contact for all types of assistance services and other duty of care needs.

“We see growing demand for security consulting and assistance with security crises in continuation of our existing services. This partnership makes it possible for us to raise the level of availability for our customers so that they can have a single point of contact, whatever the need for assistance they may have,” says Karin Tranberg, Executive Vice President of the Medical Division at SOS International.

The partnership between SOS International and Guardian ensures that our customers can get access professional travel assistance and medical advice seamlessly, rather than having separate providers. This offers advantages to companies who do not have a dedicated security team, but need to integrate security into their existing structure.

“Both the range of companies that turn to us and the challenges they are confronted with has grown markedly over the last couple of years. Where we used to primarily deal with highly-specialised travellers to, e.g. war areas in the past, we now see a distinct desire among employers to get a thorough grip of security,” says Thomas Poulsen, Chief Executive Officer of Guardian.

SOS International and Guardian manage security and crisis situations at once and all over the world – 24/7/365. 

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