Tracking via GSM or satellite by smartphone, personal tracker or concealed devices. We apply technological solutions to help you fulfill your obligations to protect people, property, assets and reputation. We’ll help you strengthen your company’s safety plans and policies in order to enhance your capacity to manage and protect your assets, be it people, equipment, vessels or vehicles.


To assist companies and organizations in meeting their Duty of Care obligations towards travelling employees. We want to give you certainty in knowing exactly where the travellers are located, and to give the traveller peace of mind by giving them access to a 24/7 emergency central during their stay in a high-risk environment. The emergency service can either be used to send out a distress signal or simply to receive professional security advice before, during or after the journey.


The core of our tracking services includes:

• Monitoring of individuals via smartphone or tracker
• Checking connective to travelers and, if lost, establishing contact
• Emergency response and advice 24/7 via alarm button
• Tracking of expats / employees in groups.
• Tracking of your assets with concealed devices.

Employee tracking

You will get the current GPS location of your employee(s). View current or previous locations alongside battery life and signal strength.

Panic button

We will turn your smartphone into a GPS tracker with a covert panic button feature. Alerts sent in real time using SMS and email.


You can define high-risk areas and safe zones by drawing any shape onto a map and receive alerts as employees enter and leave Geo-fences.

Crisis Management

In the case of a larger, critical incident, the duty officer can affirm the latest positon of any employee in the vicinity and notify them immediately.


We can make our tracking solutions work anywhere in the world.

Smartphone, tablet & SAT-tracker

Tracking is available on iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry plus on Iridium and Thuraya satellite phones. iPhones do not need to be jail broken.

System use

Guardian delivers the system and instructs you in the most effective use. A professional Guardian security advisor is available 24/7 to respond to emergency calls.

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Guardian-srm guarantees the delivery of security risk solutions in accordance with prevailing international industrial standards and legislation. Guardian-srm quality management system is audited and certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008, specifically in relation to providing Security Risk Management. Guardian-srm is certified as a Recognized Security Organization (RSO) in accordance with the ISPS-code. Guardian-srm can document outstanding past performance records from delivery of worldwide services. Our quality management system ensures continuous improvement of Guardian-srm performance to meet even the highest expectations and compliance obligations of our clients.