Security Consultancy

Strengthen your operations by managing security risks and increasing organisational resilience

When operating in middle- and high-risk areas we urge companies and organisations invest in their duty of care and properly equip their employees and management to handle possible challenges. Business travellers and posted employees face complex and often unknown threats in places with limited access to assistance from authorities. Guardian supplies a wide variety of security solutions that can serve to reduce the vulnerability and bolster the resilience of your organisation and personnel. This gives peace of mind to employees and management alike and provides your organisation with a competitive edge.

Corporate Security Policy – A corporate security policy contains general strategies for the employees’ safety and determines guidelines for the company’s activities in challenging environments.

Crisis Management Procedures – How well we perform in the face of a crisis depends on our level of preparedness. Organisations operating in volatile environments should establish standard operating procedures (SOPs) and a crisis management team (CMT) with representatives from various organisational functions.

Site Security – With facilities spread over multiple countries and continents, a crucial element of enterprise risk management efforts is to assess the security threats and vulnerabilities of each location.

Risk Assessments – Obtaining relevant information is often a major obstacle to imposing effective, non-intrusive security risk control measures. Having risk assessments on any level, ranging from the individual to a facility to a country at large, is key.

Pre-Travel Advice (PTA) – This is a brief, up-to-date assessment of the security aspects of your travel from an experienced security consultant, along with practical advice to make your journey more comfortable and safe.

Pre-Entry Advice – Consultation on new markets, utilising local knowledge to assist in the strategic decision-making, will save the organisation time, money, and worry.