New obligations

Research shows that private actors are ascribed a new set of obligations and political functions in the global risk landscape. While private entities are well rehearsed in the fields of enterprise risk management, supply chain security, safety management, compliance, and quality control, most corporate actors are reluctant to engage in security risk management practices to mitigate political risk, organized crime, extortion, hijacking, etc.


Guardian-srm provides unique services ranging from strategic risk management consultancy to tactical solutions at selected destinations. The services are flexible and structured in relation to the customer’s line of business.
Our core services include:

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Guardian-srm guarantees the delivery of security risk solutions in accordance with prevailing international industrial standards and legislation. Guardian-srm quality management system is audited and certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008. Guardian-srm is certified as Recognized Security Organization (RSO) in accordance with the ISPS-code. Guardian-srm can document outstanding past performance records in delivering our services worldwide. Our quality management system ensures continuous improvement of performance to meet the highest expectations and compliance obligations of our clients.