Security Consultancy

Strengthen your operations by managing security risks and increasing organisational resilience

When operating in middle- and high-risk areas we urge companies and organisations invest in their duty of care and properly equip their employees and management to handle possible challenges. Business travellers and posted employees face complex and often unknown threats in places with limited access to assistance from authorities. Guardian supplies a wide variety of security solutions that can serve to reduce the vulnerability and bolster the resilience of your organisation and personnel. This gives peace of mind to employees and management alike and provides your organisation with a competitive edge.

Corporate Security Policy: A corporate security policy contains general strategies for the employees’ safety and determines guidelines for the company’s activities in challenging environments. Our experienced security consultants will assist you in establishing a corporate security policy fitting your operational needs and demands, so that your organisation will be able to meet different security threats with the appropriate response.

Crisis Management Procedures: How well we perform in the face of a crisis depends on our level of preparedness. Organisations operating in volatile environments should establish a crisis management team (CMT) with representatives from various organisational branches. Upon identifying an incident, the CMT assembles and proceeds to supervise all aspects of crisis management. Guardian will assist your organisation in appointing the CMT, specifying the roles and responsibilities, as well as supplying concrete reference tools and standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Risk Assessments: Operating a global business implies operations not only in different security contexts, but also in varying political settings. With facilities spread over multiple countries and continents, a crucial element of enterprise risk management efforts is to assess the security threats and vulnerabilities of each location. Guardian’s Analysis Department will provide you with assessments of risks emanating from changing political contexts and circumstances in all of your different operational theatres, enabling you to prevent harmful impact from political pro-cesses below the threshold of common media coverage.

Pre-Travel Advice (PTA): Travel preparedness is key to facilitating the global movement of your employees. When asked, most business travellers readily admit that familiarisation with their destination is not one of their top priorities. With a Guardian PTA, you can provide your employees with a brief, concise, and up-to-date assessment of all security aspects of their travels from an experienced security consultant. Location-specific practical advice ensures that travellers are well equipped for whichever environment they are moving into. Additionally, our PTAs will allow you to fulfil the Duty of Care requirement of ‘informed consent’ from travellers frequenting high-risk destinations.

Pre-Entry Advice: Coupled to our Risk Assessments, Guardian can provide insightful consultation through our worldwide network to assist in assessing the security risks implied on your global operations. The value of our pre-entry advice lies in its application of our analytical methods and insights on a localised level, as even locations within the same country can have significantly different risk exposures and therefore require varying layers of preparation.

Compliance & Audit: When operating worldwide, it is important to verify that all security standards are complied with. Guardian’s professional security consultants can audit third-party security providers, security plans, and facility security levels anywhere in the world.

Site Security: With facilities spread over multiple countries and continents, a crucial element of enterprise risk management efforts is to assess the security threats and vulnerabilities of each location. Guardian can assist your organisation in assessing and mitigating the vulnerabilities your facilities are facing, including the following specialised assessments:

  1. Ports & anchorages: Global shipping implies operating in and between medium- and high-risk areas. For seamless operations, it is crucial that businesses can rely on the safety of all ports previously called on and those to be accessed in the future. Guardian’s security consultants will provide on-the-ground assessments of any port requested, including investigations of physical infrastructure, guard personnel, and the port’s general security environment, both on land and at sea.
  2. Offices: While the protection of your moving assets is usually accounted for, protecting your organisational core is of crucial importance for operational continuity. Guardian can provide tailored consultancy and risk assessments to improve the physical security of both your offices and employees in different locations and countries. Combined with our training courses, we can strengthen your resilience to hostile environments and crises all around the world.
  3. Vessels: Security is a crucial part of business, both on- and offshore. In order to strengthen the operational security of your vessels, Guardian can provide vessel hardening assessments, covering all aspects of security on board a vessel. If desired, these can be tailored to specific risks your fleet is facing depending on your global presence, such as protective measures against piracy and other forms of intrusion.
  4. Other: Tailored site security assessments can also be provided for any other building or compound your organisation operates, for example warehouses or other logistics compounds. Our years-long experience in the conduct of risk & security assessments allows us to provide you with specific solutions answering your operational demands and needs.

Ad-hoc security advice: Emergencies and crises cannot be scheduled and therefore security ad-vice sometimes needs to be swift yet effective. Guardian can provide timely, intelligence-based security advice on an ad-hoc basis by our experienced security consultants on a 24/7 basis to both employees and management of your organisation. If crises demand urgent response, Guardian can provide a first point of contact and operational guidance and advice.