Operational Services

Enable your organisation to operate in high risk environments

Close Protection Services: When operating in high risk countries it can be necessary to provide your employees with additional protection. Guardian provides close protection services around the world to ensure that your employees stay safe when traveling in high risk areas. Our Close Protection Officers are experienced former military and police officers. They have followed extensive training in close protection, providing them with knowledge about planning, procedures, and de-escalation. Guardian’s analysis department will make a comprehensive analysis of the security situation and provide advice on the security measures needed. Services can include armed guards, armoured vehicles, and local guides.

Tracking Solutions: When your employees travel in high risk areas it is important to keep track of their location so help can be send immediately during a crisis. Guardian offers comprehensive tracking solutions to provide your employees with additional safety in high risk areas. Employees can be tracked using a wide variety of tools suiting their need and preference, ranging from mobile phone tracing to Satellite Tracking. Guardian has a 24/7 emergency centre capable of following the location your employees around the world.

Meet & Greet: When arriving in a foreign country is good to have a trusted person waiting for you. Guardian can arrange a meet & greet anywhere in the world so your employees are supported as soon as they arrive at the airport. During their stay Guardian will provide trusted transportation throughout the country so your employees will safely arrive at their destinations. Our drivers know the country and are capable of navigating challenging travel situations.

Local Assistance: It can be challenging to operate in unfamiliar countries. Knowing the local culture, rules, and situation can prove essential for making your organisations operation a success. Guardian offers trusted guides (so called fixers) who will help your employees navigate the country. The guide can help your employees reach difficult (cross-border) destinations, request specific permits, and overcome language barriers. Having good local assistance is your best and most important security measure. Our guide’s knowledge of the country will ensure that your employees avoid unnecessary risks and stay safe in dangerous environments.

Intelligence Gathering: Being well prepared and informed when operating abroad is key to successful business. Certain questions cannot be answered with a quick Google search but require someone in the field. Guardian has hundreds of consultants around the world who can help you to find answers to your questions. Our consultants can provide information about specific questions such as the location of checkpoints, road conditions, or events taking place.

Counter-intelligence: Keeping the sensitive information of your organisation confidential can be challenging when operating globally. Many foreign actors will be interested in acquiring your strategic plans or trade secrets. With a business team operating around the world – away from your headquarter, IT, and security team – your organisation faces different regulations and information security risks. Guardian can provide your organisation with counter-intelligence services to prevent your confidential information from falling into the wrong hands. Our security experts can ensure that all your teams have the necessary security measures in place. When travelling to a high-risk country, Guardian can also provide specialised counter intelligence measures to frustrate espionage attempts.

Tailored Security Services: Every organisation has different security needs. Guardian can provide tailored security services so your organisation is provided with the exact support it needs. A personal security consultant will help your company map its risks and security needs. When your company’s needs are identified, Guardian will provide the means to meet them.