Article on Operating in Risk Areas

Norman_Kristiansen__Sikkerhedsraadgiver_og_eks-jaegersoldat_kvadrat_final-_01Norman Kristiansen, CEO and Partner at Guardian-srm, has written an article about companies’ and organisations’ Duty of Care when operating in risk areas.

Norman has a background as an elite soldier and has many years of experience in advising Danish and international companies on safety during stays and travels abroad.

“The implementation of coherent policies and security structures including evacuation plans help the organisation to live up to its moral and legal obligations, the so called Duty of Care.”

He stresses that Danish and international companies should not abstain from operating in medium- and high-risk countries since risks and business opportunities often go hand in hand, and often companies will experience growth and prosperity by investing in new markets.

Have a look yourself and read the article here in PDF format.