Medic Courses: Basic and Advanced First Aid

No matter who you are and what you do, knowledge of first aid procedures can be the key to saving lives.

Guardian Medic provides individuals and companies with basic and advanced first aid, including first aid under special circumstances in i.e. hostile environments.


Guardian Medic’s objective is to increase the ability to prevent and react to critical incidents, including in hostile areas.

After having completed a Guardian medic course, the course participants must be capable to handle a wounded person within the “M” ABCDE first aid principles.

The final result will be satisfactory when the course participant is able to show and demonstrate that s/he is capable to treat a wounded person with the use of the first aid material issued.


The course participant does not need to have prior knowledge of first aid.

The course participant will be assessed and evaluated continuously by the instructor team and may be dismissed, if the participant in the final exercise does not pass the final test.

The course director will subsequently re-evaluate the course participant’s case for a possible re-examination.

More Information

Additional questions or general inquiries please visit Guardian Medic website or contact:

David Klemmensen

Head of Guardian Training

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