Maritime Security Officer Course

f194097bbf867b3ffcbdddef2843eaca8672ad84c6b0d111c9c3869a92a5122fThe threat from pirates in the Indian Ocean, the Gulf of Aden and large parts of West Africa has led to shipping companies manning their ships with armed guards.

It is a big responsibility for both the shipping company, the private security company and each MSO involved. It is important that the armed guards have acquired an education that enables them to solve the task and handling a possible conflict professionally.

Personnel with an extensive background from the Defence or Police forces are often suitable for solving such a task, provided they have undergone sufficient maritime guard training (Maritime Security Officer (MSO)).

About the course

The purpose of the MSO program is to train the students as maritime security officers, as well as to meet existing and future needs for armed guards on merchant ships in Denmark and elsewhere.
Upon finishing the course, the student will be able to handle security challenges aboard merchant ships in a hostile terrain. Furthermore, the trainee will receive knowledge of basic maritime terms (in English), and obtain an understanding of integration with the crew and the conditions on board a ship, including safety at sea, fire fighting and chain of command.

A satisfactory performance in the final exercise requires the student to use the correct techniques and procedures, including the use of firearms, physical contact with assailants and cooperation with the captain and crew. Furthermore, the student must demonstrate familiarity with the skills and knowledge acquired from the completed STCW courses.


The student must have completed military service with at least one deployment or other relevant service for the defense abroad or in Denmark. The student must have a clean criminal record and be able to pass the Danish Army’s physical requirements.
The student will be evaluated by the Course Director, who also has authority to take the student off the course if the student fails his tests or is otherwise found unsuited to become an MSO. Furthermore, the student will be evaluated on his/her ability to work in an MSO team. Each individual case will be examined regarding the possibility for re-examination.

In addition to the mentioned prerequisites, the student must:
– Understand written and oral English (on a working level)
– Present an adequate physical & mental health record (comments may prevent the student from participating in certain exercises)
– Display experience with weapons through professional and safe handling
– Show a mature and professional approach to the training.


– Psychological anchorage.
– Maritime safety STCW A-VI / 1-1 (Certified)
– Fire training STCW A-VI / 1-2 (Certified)
– Environment / Safety STCW A-VI / 1-3 (Certified)
– First aid training STCW A-VI / 1-4 (Certified)
– Ship Security Officer Course. (SSO) (Restricted)
– Navigation (Radar SIM)
– Restricted Operator Certificate (ROC Communications) (Reduced)
– Piracy survival – Coping with critical incident stress
– Legal (ROF, ROE, rules and regulations)
– Piracy – Modus Operandi
– Weapons handling & shooting skills
– Preparing the ship (BMP 4)
– Piracy drill & Medical drill
– Final exercise
– Final written examination

Practical information

Training is to be held within three consecutive working weeks.

Education Week 1 Skagen Skipper School
Education Week 2 Frederikshavn, MARTEC + Fire School in Hvims
Education Week 3 (Depending on the training facilities available)
Education Week 4 (Reserve)

The training course is based on 37 working hours per week for a total of 111 hours. Upon satisfactory completion of the training course, a certificate, including course description, will be issued by Guardian-srm. The course participant is responsible for transport, food and accommodation. Additional information and training program for all three weeks will be forwarded upon registration.

See our calendar for the date of upcoming courses.Guardian-srm reserves the right to cancel a course if there are too few participants.
For more information, please contact:

David Klemmensen
Head of Guardian Training
+45 27840084

Guardian Security Risk Management ApS
Østeraagade 25
DK-9000 Aalborg