Hostile Environment Awareness Training

Hostile Environment Awareness Training course

Are you working in volatile political environments? Or are you responsible for employees going to dangerous places? Some professions require you to accept a degree of personal risk. At Guardian, we are experts in preparing people for operating in high-risk areas.

We have provided journalists, photographers, NGOs and business travellers with training for more than eight years, and the people we have trained have found it extremely useful in their work.

About the course

Guardian’s Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) enables you to survive critical situations and to take care of your own safety in high-risk areas. The course provides participants with knowledge and skills to lower the potential risks and cope with threats, injuries, hostage takings, terrorist attacks, armed conflict and more.

The course was developed on the basis of our own experience of operating and assisting customers in high-risk areas worldwide. We revise and develop the course continuously in accordance with feedback from our participants and new developments. The theoretical lessons contain directly applicable tools. Most lessons are supported by practical training sessions, which challenge you with highly-skilled role players, giving it a realistic feel.


Open courses
We conduct open courses for individuals 3-4 times per year. Prior security training is not a necessity to join the course, but we facilitate sharing of experience and safety advice based on the participants’ own experiences. The course takes three days.

Participants in the open course will receive training in the following:
HEAT Course

  • Security awareness
  • Handling of critical incidents in high-risk areas
  • First aid
  • Travel safety and navigation
  • Risk-reducing behaviour and communication
  • Stress management techniques
  • Roadblocks and negotiation
  • Hostage survival techniques
  • Peer support after critical incident
  • Awareness of mines and explosives

Courses for companies and organizations
Upon request, we provide tailor-made courses for organisations and companies. Here, we will work closely with you to make sure that the training matches your specific needs and security policy.

In addition to the points mentioned above, organisations should consider training in the following:

  • Proper managerial responses to critical incidents
  • Security planning
  • Risk reduction during high-risk visits, including working with close protection teams, drivers and fixers
  • Recognition of own and others’ reactions to stress
  • Knowledge-sharing, reflection and mutual support

Practical information

Guardian’s HEAT training does not require any prior knowledge or experience from the participants. Our instructor team will continuously evaluate the performance of the participants throughout the course. A certificate is issued upon satisfactory completion of the course.

You can find our next open course in the course calendar.

For more information, please contact:

David Klemmensen
Head of Guardian Training
+45 27840084

Guardian Security Risk Management ApS
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DK-9000 Aalborg