Hostage Survival Course

Travel is a basic condition for many company employees or freelancers, but most people never pause to reflect on how they become targets for criminal or militant groups, who engage in the profitable business of kidnap and extortion. Knowing the threat environment in the target destination and acting accordingly are crucial steps to take in order to minimize the personal risk. And should the worst thing happen, knowing a relatively simple set of tools can dramatically raise the odds of survival, decrease the risk of physical and mental harm, and help with reintegration into society upon release. Guardian’s operatives have extensive experience with handling hostage situations and are continuously engaged in collecting and developing best practice within the field.

About the course

Upon completing the course, the participant will be able to act correctly during a kidnapping and improve their chances of survival. They will obtain skills and knowledge that will enable them to improve their conditions in a hostage situation and reduce the physical and psychological injuries caused by a kidnapping or hostage taking.

The curriculum is rooted in developed and proven best practice, debriefing of former victims and our case experience from responding to kidnap cases all over the world, including the Middle East, North Africa, Central Asia, Central America, Eastern Europe, and West Africa.


  • Personal security awareness and kidnap avoidance
  • Country specific briefings
  • Hostage survival theory and tools
  • Stress management
  • Communication as conflict prevention tool
  • First aid and health during captivity
  • Psychological first aid and peer support after critical incidents

The course can be tailored to durations of 1 to 3 training days, depending on the needs of the organisation. The course will consist of theoretical lessons as well as practical exercises, where the course participants can train their newly acquired skills in a realistic and safe setting.

The hostage survival course can also be conducted at the premises of the acquiring organisation.

Questions regarding the course can be answered by Frederik Østerby Andersen;