Duty of Care Series

Duty of CareGuardian has just kicked off a year-long series of articles concerning the still emerging duty of care concept. The articles are written by Frederik Østerby Andersen, COO, and Søren Bisgaard Vase, Head of Analysis. A new article will be published every month on LinkedIn. Frederik has just published the first article, discussing the emergence of the concept of duty of care in relation to the global risk society. The next article will be published on 19 September.

The duty of care series will evaluate the concept from a multitude of angles, and the topics that will be covered are:

  1. Global Risk Society
  2. Corporate Social Responsibility
  3. The Legal Perspective
  4. The Moral Perspective
  5. Organisational Challenges
  6. Risk vs. Threats
  7. How far does DoC go?
  8. Risk Communication
  9. Case Study – DoC in Action
  10. DoC and Security
  11. Isn’t insurance enough?
  12. Best practices

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