Crisis Management

Minimise negative impact with efficient mitigation and response to complex crises

As part of their duty of care, organisations must maintain the ability to assist their employees if they are faced with a major incident at home or abroad. When properly handled, crises can be averted or at least kept from disrupting operations unnecessarily. However, very few organisations maintain in-house capabilities to manage complex and prolonged crises without external assistance. By leveraging the training and experience of our large network, Guardian can deliver specialised personnel to assist in crisis management of any kind, anywhere in the world. We always work with complete confidentiality and the highest level of professionalism.

24/7 Emergency Hotline: Crises can occur any time of day. With travellers in different time-zones, line managers feel the need to be accessible around the clock, in case their employees require immediate help. This compounds an already stressful work life. Guardian has a 24/7 emergency hotline with specialists, who can provide immediate support to the employee and activate your crisis plan when a crisis occurs.

Hostage Negotiation – As part of their duty of care, organisations should be prepared to assist their employees in case they are apprehended by criminal groups or corrupt authorities. Guardian can dedicate an accredited negotiator to assist in case of kidnap-and-ransom (K&R) incidents, as well as other types of hostage situations.

Extortion Response – Criminal networks specifically target international organisations by holding sensitive information or assets for ransom. Guardian can provide valuable assistance from experienced professionals with a long track record of negotiating extortion demands.

Extraction Services – Few companies maintain the ability to extract their employees or assets from an area in case of a rapid deterioration in the local security situation. Our consultants are trained and experienced in getting people out of dangerous situations, and they stand by to leave at short notice.

Crisis Team Support – Some organisations face crises that are too complex for the management to handle on their own. With our experience in crisis management, Guardian can assist your crisis team in the critical early hours of a crisis, helping you get a head start in your communication and decision-making.

Crisis Communication – Communication is a crucial part of crisis management. To avoid making the crisis worse, the crisis team should quickly develop a communication plan for both internal and external stakeholders. Our seasoned consultants can assist you in this process.