Guardian-srm is a highly specialized security solutions provider. Founded in 2005, Guardian-srm is a Danish company offering security risk management systems in support of international actors operating in emerging markets and complex environments. We have a deep understanding of the context of private and public organisations’ operations and the need to build organisational resilience in dynamic risk landscapes.

New markets, new opportunities

Unprepared organisations are at risk of sustaining large economic and human losses when entering unconventional or unexploited markets. On the contrary, these markets can be the key to success for well-prepared organisations willing to operate where others do not.

Organisational presence in middle- and high-risk areas is connected with stricter employer liability. Creating optimal frameworks for employee security will contribute to enhanced return on investment, whether the goals are commercial or humanitarian.

Guardian applies strategic, tactical, and technological solutions in support of organisations’ requirements and obligations to protect people, property, and reputation. Our aim is to strengthen growth, profitability, and goal achievement in organisational operations by managing security risks and instilling resilience to emerging crises. Guardian is a gateway to an expansive network of highly specialised associates selected for their capabilities and experience. We span the entire spectrum of security management, ensuring consistent and sustainable risk mitigation strategies.